FIVE 5 easy Steps to Expanding ORGASM for ALL by Tantra With Devi



This is an outline to guide you to The Practice of Tantric Art of Self Loving , the Art of Conscious Self Pleasure:

The Tantric Art of Self Loving.

The technique begins the process of a personal practice to move energy with consciousness for men and women and couples by increasing body sensation awareness, controlling and expanding orgasm and creating a relationship to reality through a personal tantric practice:

1. Set Aside Time to Cultivate:

Just like with any new lifestyle change you will need to create the time and habit in order to practice and cultivate. In order to cultivate the new arousal energy everyday or awaken the Kundilini within you. In a solo practice, you would want to set aside time for self-love making just as in a partnership.

For partnerships garnering time will be an agreement that is fun and easy to keep.

Some ideas to get the mood started:

For some this could include erotic music, Maui Massage oil warmed for the skin and perhaps, “sexual healing” by Marvin Gaye or dance. I also recommend Make Love Not Porn for information and for inspiration, instead of conventional pornography.

2. Breathe; Breathe; Breathe

Breathe the Circular Breath. It is so easy breathe-in/breathe-out connecting the inflow to the outflow. In through the nose out through the mouth with the Toning, the sound of love ‘ahhh’ and ‘oooh’. Use the Bija Mantras (seed mantras) recommended by Tantra Ma . Lam (l-ah-m) for Root and Yam(Y-ah-m) for heart. What I find the easiest to recall when in the heights of personal self-pleasure passion are to use the sounds of love: “ooohhhs” and “ahhhhhs” while intending to become very very aroused. For Men this is where Edging into orgasm and circulating the ejaculating bridges the gap between the male arousal and female desire. For Women this is where pushing in to the “gap” or “edge” though seemingly numbness into an orgasmic state allows her to become open and intimate.

3. Circulate:

With one hand on heart one on the root (for right handed men left hand on root and right hand on heart) Breathe, if you are truly ready to expand, breathe, breathe and connect to you. Cultivate a deep knowing of the self-love that is the birthright of Divine Humanity. As a woman place your left hand on your left breast cupping and lifting to the heart and with your right hand on root cultivate. Breathe.

4. SEXercise & Practice White Tantra Yoga:

Practice strengthening PC-muscle or the SEX muscle by stopping and starting your urine flow, or as you pee start strengthening. Try using the tune of “row row row your boat” so the squeezing is off and on.  Video soon to be posted!

When you get to gently down the stream press out and bear down evacuating all contents of the bladder and practicing the “release” as well.

Then when men want ejaculation control flutter or squeeze and release rapidly while HOLDING the breath and toning it out.

When women want to have orgasm do the same flutter the PC-muscle Alternating “bearing down” and “squeezing”.

The Sacred Spot Multi Media Guide 

5. Toning and the HOME-Play:

Remember the “ahhh”? The toning the brings the memory of ‘home’ back to you; drawing the new energy to where ‘home’ resides within you, within your heart. ‘Home’ being the integrated spirit of one-ness known through the expanded orgasm. As you are cultivating the climax of orgasm use “oooh” sounds with full self-expression. Just don’t hold back. And let your orgasm expand through the entire body.

For Men: Ejaculation Choice starts with awareness. A scale has been long established to communicate arousal in men. 1-10, the focus here is on 8.5. 7-close to heaven, 8-at the gates, 9-feeling so fine, 10-We win!

When at 8.5 Breathe in and hold, squeezing as in the sex-ercise above until you must exhale using an audible tone (‘Ah’ derived from the Bija or seed mantras).

For Women: Amrita, female ejaculation start with awareness.

Create a safe and scared space to cultivate. Use the same sex-ercises as above and explore yourself with-in. Use breath to open and also tone, tone, tone. (‘Ah’ derived from the Bija or seed mantras). Find your sacred spot by using just the middle finger slightly inside the Yoni with the palm facing you, curl up your finger like a ‘come hither’ motion until you feel a pressure and a ridged surface. If you place your tongue on the roof of your mouth the place your are exploring feels like the ridged-ness of the roof of your mouth. Stay here and explore.

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