New Moon PUJA WHITE to RED Tantra ~women~ 2/28 Topanga CA 90290

WHITE TANTRA~all ages~10$suggested LOVE offering accepted 8pm-10pm

RED TANTRA~21 & over only~25$(inc. both or 1 puja)

PUJA=sacred gathering; devotion to Divine Feminine; group teaching(modern)

all ages until 10p(Sliding-Scale Love Offering 10$ suggested)
White TanrtaYoga
Goddess Breath
Love Dancing Meditation in Action

~21 and over~ 1030-1230p (Additional 15$ [25$total]
(exceptions are permitted ages: 18-20 PM ID required)
TantraYoga Rishis
Topic: One Taste & Female Amrita
FireBreath Medibation
SkyClad Dancing

20$ for both if RSVP 24 hours in advance.

FULL MOON Men, Women, Couples 3/14/2014
75$ per couple
25$ per woman
75$ per man by invitation

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