FIVE 5 easy Steps to Expanding ORGASM for ALL by Tantra With Devi



This is an outline to guide you to The Practice of Tantric Art of Self Loving , the Art of Conscious Self Pleasure:

The Tantric Art of Self Loving.

The technique begins the process of a personal practice to move energy with consciousness for men and women and couples by increasing body sensation awareness, controlling and expanding orgasm and creating a relationship to reality through a personal tantric practice:

1. Set Aside Time to Cultivate:

Just like with any new lifestyle change you will need to create the time and habit in order to practice and cultivate. In order to cultivate the new arousal energy everyday or awaken the Kundilini within you. In a solo practice, you would want to set aside time for self-love making just as in a partnership.

For partnerships garnering time will be an agreement that is fun and easy to keep.

Some ideas to get the mood started:

For some this could include erotic music, Maui Massage oil warmed for the skin and perhaps, “sexual healing” by Marvin Gaye or dance. I also recommend Make Love Not Porn for information and for inspiration, instead of conventional pornography.

2. Breathe; Breathe; Breathe

Breathe the Circular Breath. It is so easy breathe-in/breathe-out connecting the inflow to the outflow. In through the nose out through the mouth with the Toning, the sound of love ‘ahhh’ and ‘oooh’. Use the Bija Mantras (seed mantras) recommended by Tantra Ma . Lam (l-ah-m) for Root and Yam(Y-ah-m) for heart. What I find the easiest to recall when in the heights of personal self-pleasure passion are to use the sounds of love: “ooohhhs” and “ahhhhhs” while intending to become very very aroused. For Men this is where Edging into orgasm and circulating the ejaculating bridges the gap between the male arousal and female desire. For Women this is where pushing in to the “gap” or “edge” though seemingly numbness into an orgasmic state allows her to become open and intimate.

3. Circulate:

With one hand on heart one on the root (for right handed men left hand on root and right hand on heart) Breathe, if you are truly ready to expand, breathe, breathe and connect to you. Cultivate a deep knowing of the self-love that is the birthright of Divine Humanity. As a woman place your left hand on your left breast cupping and lifting to the heart and with your right hand on root cultivate. Breathe.

4. SEXercise & Practice White Tantra Yoga:

Practice strengthening PC-muscle or the SEX muscle by stopping and starting your urine flow, or as you pee start strengthening. Try using the tune of “row row row your boat” so the squeezing is off and on.  Video soon to be posted!

When you get to gently down the stream press out and bear down evacuating all contents of the bladder and practicing the “release” as well.

Then when men want ejaculation control flutter or squeeze and release rapidly while HOLDING the breath and toning it out.

When women want to have orgasm do the same flutter the PC-muscle Alternating “bearing down” and “squeezing”.

The Sacred Spot Multi Media Guide 

5. Toning and the HOME-Play:

Remember the “ahhh”? The toning the brings the memory of ‘home’ back to you; drawing the new energy to where ‘home’ resides within you, within your heart. ‘Home’ being the integrated spirit of one-ness known through the expanded orgasm. As you are cultivating the climax of orgasm use “oooh” sounds with full self-expression. Just don’t hold back. And let your orgasm expand through the entire body.

For Men: Ejaculation Choice starts with awareness. A scale has been long established to communicate arousal in men. 1-10, the focus here is on 8.5. 7-close to heaven, 8-at the gates, 9-feeling so fine, 10-We win!

When at 8.5 Breathe in and hold, squeezing as in the sex-ercise above until you must exhale using an audible tone (‘Ah’ derived from the Bija or seed mantras).

For Women: Amrita, female ejaculation start with awareness.

Create a safe and scared space to cultivate. Use the same sex-ercises as above and explore yourself with-in. Use breath to open and also tone, tone, tone. (‘Ah’ derived from the Bija or seed mantras). Find your sacred spot by using just the middle finger slightly inside the Yoni with the palm facing you, curl up your finger like a ‘come hither’ motion until you feel a pressure and a ridged surface. If you place your tongue on the roof of your mouth the place your are exploring feels like the ridged-ness of the roof of your mouth. Stay here and explore.

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Why Porn Addicts Are Just Insensitive Human Beings….

_ACJheart tantra

Two Heart Tantra Founders Devi and Rev Romeo

Why Porn Addicts Are Just Insensitive Human Beings….to another’s affectionate touch.

How Digital Pornography Addiction Recovery with Ancient Tantra Technologies in 6 Weeks IS Possible

High Speed Internet and the Great Porn Experiment

The great porn experiment, using pornography as a main resource of sex education, begins after the 1960’s which brought us a small sexual revolution by giving women the freedom to choose birth control. Leaving us breathless for the next level of freedom of our sexual expression never seemed so right as when the “Deep Throat” swallowed up titillated movie goers. “Deep Throat” distribution goes into main stream movies theaters in 1972 as the Golden Age of Porn goes digital.

In 1982 cable TV began to stream digital pornography into our homes. In 1989 our intinternet was born. Today in 2015 with studies proving that we look at porn at home, at work and in our bedrooms too. And even armatures can make home porn with a smart phone. (Caveat: I know that pornography particularly, conscious porn has a valid place in our modern digitized lives.) This study claims 29% of working US adults admitting to watching porn on their work computer

Bubbling to the surface in 1982 the Supreme Court consideration on the issue of what is indecent or obscene; as well as, the Government’s responsibility to the “well-being” of our youth erupted when Pacifica Foundation broadcast George Carlin’s filthy words-the issue boiled over into the consideration of what is obscene vs. indecent. As report of the FCC vs Pacifica Foundation ruling below states:

read more on LInkedIn :


The Difference Between Tantra and Sensual Massage

The Differences Between the Tantra Practice and a Sensual Massage


By Shamana Holly Devi AMoore


The following examination of the differences between experiencing a Tantra session and having a sensual massage session,  provides the distinctions between a ceremony offered by a certified TantraYoga educator or CTE2 and a sensual massage.  There are essential elements that create a distinction which we can experience, observe and practice. At the end of each section I offer a link to various Tantra educators for you to consider in your exploration. Even though, we in the USA focus upon the sexual aspect that is only one area where, one can apply the principles offered in the Tantra Practice ™ it is our hope that you will explore the realms of bliss and conscientiousness; pleasure and mindfulness; stillness and movement. The polarities of seemingly opposing forces will merge as one as we co-create a sacred space to hold a Tantra ceremony within

your Temple, your holy body. Welcome home to the heart fully embodied; welcome back to the pleasure of your body; welcome to the ecstasy of a peace of mind.


Before we start any ceremony or ritual in TantraYoga we Ground, we Harmonize through Sacred Conscious Breath and Invoke our Higher Power; we are then assured that the elements set forth are addressed and woven into every aspect of our experience and time together.


As any experience can be Tantric even a sensual massage as in this example. TantraYoga seeks to go beyond the skin to connect in the realms of the Energy body, including the Psychological body as well as,  intentionally including the Emotional and provoking the Physical body into pleasure.


In the Tantra Practice ™ we see the Body as the Holy Temple – for homage; to celebrate and praise; to worship and commune; to honor and adore all life. The distinction here between sensual massage and a Certified TantraYoga Educator who designs practices with you:  the use of all of the Tantra elements foremost the Conscious Breath required for a basic, primal, initiated and advanced Tantric practice, Conscious Breath is most efficient modality to harmonise and unite our souls. Here are the elements on (presented in order of the Chakra energy body systems as a road map of the Energy Body):


Awareness; Movement; Intention; Consciousness/Breath with Sound; Eye Gazing/Integration; Transformation


These elements along with a Tantrika (male or female practitioner of Tantra ) or a CTE2 or greater, assure the creation of a safe container and sacred space to connect and expand through The Tantra Practice (™). The time is now to hone our meditation skills and practice our focus with concentration as we merge the forbidden sexual Energy with a once elusive spiritual awareness to expand into more love. Giving love through the hands is a trademark of an advance Tantra practice.

Tantra is a an amazing journey that involves practices which use Conscious Breath, Mudras-positions, Mantras-toning, Yoga-movement and Yantra-symbols to quiet the mind, focus our concentration as well as; activate, awaken to your sexual energy. The  Energy generated by Tantra session can be used for pleasure, blissful enlightenment and sexual healing.  

When practiced by oneself, a powerful flow of energy emerges from within us and awakens the essence of being. When this essence is shared with another, your Love is expanded in a Sacred and Conscious way within yourself, within your partner and the universe.


We highly recommend developing a persona dailyl practice. As you are able to connect with and raise your energetic awareness to increase pleasure and intimacy your loving soars into the highest realms of bliss and connection that you’ve only dreamed of.


When practiced with a partner or a beloved as when two or more are gathered in the name of Love, everything expands, this is Tantra. An invitation  to open up your mind, have a heart that is open wide and live the life you dream of.


Essential Elements of a Tantra Session Aligned with Chakra Energy Centers


Awareness                        (First Chakra)

Movement                        (Second Chakra)

Intention                          (Third Chakra)

Consciousness/Breath   (Fourth Chakra) with Sound

Toning                               (Fifth Chakra)

Eye Gazing/Integration  (Sixth Chakra)

Transformation               (Seventh Chakra)


Awareness (1st Base Ruby Red Basic Needs-Colon) Mulabandha


The word Tantra comes from ancient Sanskrit language meaning “expansion through awareness”.


Within a loving relationship one way we practice, Awareness is having an authentic interest in your partner by being present. Clearing our personal space through grounding and ritual, awareness becomes acute. Tantra techniques benefits the practitioner and participant with Presence.


“Become expanded through Awareness.” Shamana Devi

So what is awareness? Awareness is having an authentic interest in the present moment, bring yourself to the moment– not worry about the past, the future and tune out everything in your life at that point in time. Presence. The only important thing in that moment in time is you devoting your full and undivided attention on being in your body.


How can someone increase their awareness? Our minds have many competing thoughts any one time seeking attention’, being able to filter out redirect our attention to the ‘sacred space’  allows your mind to be in the present.  Clearing our personal mental space facilitates this ability; one’s awareness becomes acute. We just innately expand.


Tantra comes from ancient Sanskrit language meaning “expansion through awareness.”  Tantra is a spiritual path that involves practices that use breath, Mantra-toning, Yoga-movements and Yantra-symbols to quiet the mind and activate sexual energy.”

IS Tantra for You by Leah Alchin


Movement (2nd sex center Orange Reproductive system) Svanasana

Move your body. Move your body. Kiravatas or the body shakes are common in full body experiences. The Tantra Practice(™) also uses mudras to move energy. Often the Mudras themselves are very still yet the Energy reacts to Mudra by moving. TantraYoga is a full body experience.

 “Body Movement: Lack of movement encourages body tightness and stiffness that restricts all types of energies and block out sensations, feelings and passion. TantraYoga and Love Your Body Yoga™  uses Asanas or body movements, postures and stretches assist with aligning and balancing  the energy centers with Conscious Breath to loosen up and open both the body and the mind. Resulting in open Energy channels from head to toe fully allowing sensations in the entire body, giving Energy an access to flow freely throughout your entire body to help achieve full body orgasms as well as improved body image and confidence.” Shamana Devi


How do we open, align, balance or integrate these energies? The journey begins with integration and Tantra/Sacred Sexuality. Though Tantra, a bond is created between Tantra partners. Integration into the wholeness of being is experienced through Chakra alignment/balancing ceremonies. There are many means and ways to balance, align and open.  


“….when one feels the chakras pressed together in yabyum breathing together as one.….when two people focus on the same chakra while breathing in the same way and feel the chakra and visualize it’s yantra…..More energy…An awakening of consciousness in each Chakra wakes up….Bija Mantra uses tones that send a message…” Master Charles Muir


More On Tantra by Tantra GodFather Charles Muir


Intention (3rd Navel Digestion Stomach) Manipura


Intention in the Tantra session can range from relaxation to inner peace or diving deep into the Tantra Practice. With intention setting the ‘sacred space’ is an action taken to create a ‘sacred space’ to get to the elemental truth and seek intimacy of the soul.

The power of intention can change your life. Every action, every behavior is grounded in intention, whether or not you are consciously aware of it. This one single element, if done correctly will allow you to take control of your future simply by modifying what you think about in a simple manner.

“Setting your intent is about directing your focus in the present moment toward a future outcome. It is about making conscious and committed decisions to attract certain experiences and outcomes in your life, even when you aren’t sure when or how they will manifest. Intention is not so much something you do–it is more about the quality of experiences you attract by consciously focusing on what you want. Once you set your intent, it will affect how you behave, your communication, your mood, and even how you respond to life.”


Intention in the tantra session can look like relaxation to inner peace. The mind of muscle principle is easily experienced in the tantra session. With intention setting the ‘sacred space’  is an action taken to create a ‘sacred space’ to get real and intimate. Like a bubble of protection to let oneself have full self-expression.   

The Intention Cycle

Your intention determines what you focus on, in turn what is focused on determines how you will experience any given situation. The way you experience things then determine how you feel about yourself and the better you feel about yourself and what is possible, the more confident you will become in yourself and the brighter your future will begin to look. The better you feel, the more compelled you will be to take action. You can think of this as a cycle with the following components: Intention, focus, experience, feeling and action.


Setting Your Intent

Harnessing the power of intention begins with setting your intent. Whatever it is that you desire, it all starts with setting your intention. Setting your intent is about directing your focus in the present moment toward a future outcome. It is about making conscious and committed decisions to attract certain experiences and outcomes in your life, even when you aren’t sure when or how they will manifest. Intention is not so much something you do–it is more about the kind of experiences you attract by consciously focusing on what you want. Once you set your intent, it will affect how you behave, your communication, your mood, and even how you respond to life.

Once you have set your intention, your mind will start searching for ways to experience what you want. It will go to work figuring out how it can create these kinds of experiences. For example, if you have an important meeting coming up, sit down and write down your intentions for it. Perhaps it’s important to have fun, be productive, connect with others, feel peace, or be helpful. You’ll notice your meeting is more likely to manifest how you like when your intent is set on it. Carry these intentions in your mind everywhere you go and be attentive to your surroundings. Look for synchronicity as the right opportunities will suddenly present themselves!

The power of intention can change your life. Your intention determines what you focus on – both positive and negative – and what you focus on determines how you will experience any given situation. Thoughts are things, and an intention is a thought.

Discover more about Intention with Koa Kai


Consciousness/Breath (4th Left of center of chest-heart lungs)  Anahata

“My experience with consciousness and Tantra along with Sacred Sexuality comes from merely bringing the attention of the Tantra participants onto consciousness and with that, the ability to cultivate a deeper erotic connection increases incredibility. When the partners are in a committed or long standing relationships they will find an intense intimacy from tantric consciousness. Consciousness reminds us as human beings that we are all connected. A part of the whole and A sum of it parts.” Shamana Devi

We are matter. All matter is made up of constantly moving microscopic energy; hence life is energy. The essential aspects of this energy is that in order to sustain life, it must remain in balance; too much energy can short circuit the body’s nervous system, too little and we die.

Tantra provides one the ability to elevate the dormant levels of energy represses by society’s burden and life in general. Once the energies have been resurrected from the abyss to an elevated healthy level, then one must balance the energies to align your body with both physical and celestial aspects, finally once we are in balance then can we be able to integrate with a partner to reach a wholeness of both physical and spiritual bliss like nothing else – both in a spiritual aspect but also physically and sexual aspect.

By working with the individual 7 chakra centers, we balance and intensify our connection with our 5 senses. Our senses are a multi-tasking organism that filters and identifies the competing energies that come into contact with our body. By working with our senses, we become more sensitive and better able to work on a conscious, multifaceted or multidimensional level.


Many people equate Tantra with sexuality, as sex involves the senses and with practice of the Tantric, we are able to become multiorgasmic this is true, but Tantra is much, much, more.

Learning to release these energies through the seven areas or Chakras create an alignment or integration and balance not only with our physical body, but also with a higher level of consciousness, yet neither one is more important than the other – Integration is both.  A truly balanced individual seeks the middle with both the physical and celestial aspects.


Spiritual practices enhance our connection to God, ourselves and others. Today I explored the beaches of Destin, Florida. Listening to the waves as I did my White Tantra followed by a sun-gazing, sunset meditation. It is a powerful experience to go deep within to the place of surrender and serenity. .”

More on Tantra by Lisa A Rizzoli


Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Tantricas know that Kundalini rises upon the breath. Breathing is life, without oxygen to the body, we die. Tantricas know that Kundalini rises upon the breath. Kundalini is the orgasmic energy activated from sensual arousal. Alternate nasal breathing is a great start to activate and cultivate tantric energy. Breathe in through your nose, allowing the body’s natural filtering system clean the air as it passes into your lungs. Taking in complete breaths that fill the lungs completely with air and without a pause, and then releasing all the air through the mouth sighing “ahhhh” as one exhales completely and immediately beginning the cycle again creates a sense of relaxation, provides essential oxygen into the body, removes toxins and clears the mind to allow the senses to be better aligned. Breath continuously especially during orgasm.  

Breathe in through your nose, allowing the body’s natural filtering system clean the air as it passes into your lungs. Taking in complete breaths that fill the lungs completely with air and without a pause, and then releasing all the air through the mouth sighing “ahhhh” as one exhales completely and immediately beginning the cycle again creates a sense of relaxation, provides essential oxygen into the body, removes toxins and clears the mind to allow the senses to be better aligned. Breath continuously especially during orgasm.  


The simple act of taking purposeful, control breaths, is a great start to activate and cultivate Tantra energy. Breathing through the nose, allows the body’s natural filtering system to clean the air as it passes into the lungs.

Furthermore the sound created by the signing stimulates the Chakras, explained below.

In a deeper sense, breathing when practicing Tantras sex helps get vital oxygen to the body and calms and relaxes the body to enjoy the erotic sexual aspects even more.

If one thinks about it, it makes perfect sense. “The less oxygen you have running through you during sex, the less nitric oxide is produced. The less nitric oxide is produced, the less blood flows into your genitals, decreasing engorgement (in women) and weakening erections (in men).”


By taking deep relaxing breaths, one reduces the anxiety, enjoys the moment and gets more oxygen to produce the nitric oxide required to enjoy a more satisfying sexual experience.


Toning (5th Back of neck -throat Mantra)


Sound in Tantra is important. Think of what sound is in daily life, communication to a recipient, a trigger into action such as a beeping of a cross walk and we even feel sound such as sound waves created by bass in that annoying car next to you.

Sound in Tantra combines all these aspects, it communicates to our energy storage, that is our Chakra to wake up and release more energy, it is a trigger for when we make conscious sounds those sound waves resonate the Chakra areas and trigger that energy.

Since our Chakra have different are specific types of energy, such as our respiratory system is different from the circulatory which in turn differs from our endocrine system etc, yet they are also integrated because we need all systems to work well independently and work well together for the body to maintain healthy and in balance with itself.

Similarly are the seven Chakra centers that are activated by specific sound waves,the list below illustrates the center and the specific sound that activate (mobilizes)the sound to and from, meaning that energies go from the earth center of energies to the more lighter level centers of energy and vice versa because all must work together, in balance in order for the entire system to function efficiently.

An example of a  Tantra Toning can be accompanied with the following Mantra, remember that sound resonates through our bodies and specially the Chakras – awaking them into life-  in performing this Mantra the body is heighten to assist in balancing and alignment:  

  •      Lam L-ham = First Root Sacrum
  •      Vam V-ham =  Second Belly
  •      Ram R-ham =  Third Solar plexus
  •      Yam Y-ham =  Fourth Heart
  •      Ham H-am= Fifth Throat
  •      Aum Ah-ohM=  Sixth/Seventh Third Eye/Crown


Tantra with Devi Chakra Balancing


Eye Gazing/Integration (6th Third Eye PIneal gland)

“As I began my practice as a tantrica I found eye gazing to be the area where I have transformed the most. I never made eye contact with strangers much loess my loved ones.  In one of my favorite programs, Landmark Education, we practiced ten minutes of eye gazing where the exercise lasted thirty minutes total. The love pouring from the room was astounding.” Shamana Devi

How many times have we heard that the “eyes are windows into the soul”? While this romantic notion suggests we can look inside, the reality is that in order to connect with another’s soul we must open that window and interact, only then can we explore and really get to know about another on a deeper level.

In Tantra, the ultimate connection and best way to commence the transformation of one is through the deep connection, exchange of energy and intentions that occur when two individuals really see and are seen by another through the invisible touch of eye gazing.

Eye gazing is not simply looking into another’s eyes, it is a deeper connection that is established when two people initiate and maintain an active interchange of invisible energy creating a deeper experience in which each partner begins to see the other in an entirely different way by creating a synchronized conduit between only those two individuals. Once this conduit is established, barriers that ordinarily separate two people dissolves, drawing them ever closer into a shared awareness and union.

Eye gazing enables participants to access into deep and loving contact with themselves and each other. At first we may feel uncomfortable and exposed with nowhere to hide. But this discomfort quickly dissipates when we accept it and surrender to the process.

When we engage in eye gazing and we surrender to the emotions and sensations that arise we start to move our energy up our vertical power current and clear our chakras as the limiting and fear based beliefs we held are challenged by the deep loving contact. More importantly the connection with your partners will elevate the physical sexual component into a state of ecstasy without compare.


“Eye Gazing is a very powerful healing method because it very quickly takes us to an experience of recognizing the other as ourselves. It directly challenges the illusion of separation and offers us the chance to repeatedly taste our fundamental unity. If followed the practice offers the possibility of a complete dissolving of self and other into what Rumi calls the ‘Consciousness of Union’.”


“All Life is energy and, as such, it moves. We function as a system but the system has more than one part. In fact, science is discovering that we are much more complex than was originally thought.”

More on Embodiment and Integration with Judith


Transformation (7th crown Above the Head extends into the farthest star )

“Transformational learning is innate, comes from within us. The Self-Practice of tantra is transformational.” Shamana Devi

‘Thoughts are things’, yes well all know that what we have focused in our past, either consciously or unconsciously is our reality of today.

Those conscious thoughts, decisions, traumas and/or assumptions forged in the past, helped influence our personalities and created circumstances of our reality today. So all we have to do is think differently? The answer is both, yes and no, while we can change by thinking differently we need to work on a stronger force that has forged our present reality, our subconscious.

Subconscious messages learned through external environment or family, friends etc. have also played a larger part in determining either an existence full of bliss and happiness or one of fear and misery. More importantly these negative messages have embedded limiting beliefs that act as anchors and do not allow us to rise above an unspoken limited potential we have bought into, creating an unfulfilled life at worse and a mediocre existence at best where we are not truly happy within.

How do we rise above and consciously to create fulfilling happy relationships, excellent health and living in abundance? First we must determine what we, not society, determines is the definition of having a happy relationship, what we believe is excellent health and living in abundance. We are individuals and those definitions are unique to each of us and we will only truly be happy if we measure reaching those goals by using our yardstick, not what society states happiness is.

Secondly, there are tons of self help books, self help programs that give advice for you to seek enlightenment but the truth is all that enlightenment is already within you, just need a tool to release it.

Tantric Transformational Healing is a highly effective way of making powerful shifts in your life. As you transform within, external life begins to reflect this transformation immediately! Transformational learning is innate, comes from within us.

When you learn to release emotional weights, you are able to tap into your inner powerful energies and send powerful intentions to the universe, those energies create vibrations that produce a ripple effect in every aspect of your daily life, those ripples will later resonate to larger aspects of your life creating a new reality accomplished through your conscious thought.  This transformation is accomplished through intention, breathwork, bodywork, energy work and sexual energy flow.

Being a powerful force of transformation sexual energy is often activated in this session in order to release emotional blocks, through which you may actually experience higher states of ecstasy.

“Tantric Transformational Healing is a highly effective way of making powerful shifts in your life. As you transform within, external life begins to reflect this transformation immediately.”

Transformations with Daka TJ


Sensual Massage shares with Tantra rituals and practices: Touch and Sensations

Results: Relaxation and Release

Tantra practices adds: Awareness; Movement; Intention; Consciousness/Breath Sound; Eye Gazing/Integration; Transformation

Added Results: Restoration and Revitalization

Now is the time to chart a new course of love in all areas of your life.

Try any of the links above or connect with me at the links below for a practioner in your area of the world.


Meet Ups in YOUR Area OC 1/30 and 1/31 Orange CA

Welcome to PUJA the group practice that is sweet and in couples; wether you are in a coupling or not. A Puja is gender balanced (or rolls of yang and yin are honored) group lesson and practice of Tantra.

We are offer this and more. The modules that we teach in the Tantra certification course are going to be offered as a preview to the twice a year trainings in Southern California.

Join us in self discovery.


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PUJA=sacred gathering; devotion to Divine Feminine; group teaching(modern)

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White TanrtaYoga
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